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Plain gold

Plain gold

Plain gold

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    Plain gold
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    Pear flower white
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    People Books
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2021-11-30 19:36:33
Lin Zhuo thought it was just a political marriage. The weak woman like a little white flower was just a chip unexpectedly, on the wedding night, his princess was revealed [main line copy] Ruan Mianmian played a copy of farming for 12 years. When he was about to pass the customs, he was forcibly replaced with the script of house fight, palace fight, and simply asked the heaven without words if the prince and his husband were not handsome and gentle in appearance and voice, and stabbed her at every point, this would never be over under the care of Ruan Mianmian, Wang Xiang's residence was prosperous, successfully attracted a lot of favor from the emperor, and made great contributions to his husband's succession to the throne after being promoted to the queen, life in the palace is still booming. However, with such a large palace and 3000 favors, how can we meet the passing women with high heart. Ruan Mianmian turns his face faster than turning a Book: the palace quit, and the palace will resign and go to the outside world, a vast world and make great achievements your majesty:??? What about the agreed one? Who have I provoked? Why do you want me to go after my wife's crematorium? Is there any reason?

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