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Master Qi, you can t cover your vest

Master Qi, you can t cover your vest

Master Qi, you can t cover your vest

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    Master Qi, you can t cover your vest
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    Xiao qiacridine
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    Hot Read
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[female leader of the league, flirting with men and women, all kinds of favours] Lu Jinqi, a big man in the 25th Century, accidentally blew herself up and was reborn in the 21st century. She had the same name and surname but had a miserable life experience Rongcheng Song family: you should remember that you are only adopted by us. Don't fantasize about others Lu Jinqi: hehe, I have a delusion that your uncle everyone in the circle is going to watch the Song family's annual drama. As a result, poor little became a "evil star" and his combat effectiveness exploded. One person beat everyone in the face everyone: "hiss, my face hurts." he is a cold and precious person in power. He is the leader of the mysterious special action team. He holds the Asian economy, but he is willing to bow down for her. Lu Jinqi accidentally bumped into Si Jingyun's arms when he met him for the first time Si Jingyun: "children, how can you take advantage of your brother" when he met for the second time, She accidentally threw him down Si Jingyun: "children, throw yourself in the arms" at the third meeting, she accidentally touched his hand Si Jingyun: "children, how do you feel" Lu Jinqi: I don't know what to say [men and women have a lot of waistcoats, pick each other's waistcoats and enter the pit safely. Note: there is no logic in the whole process, and it all depends on the author's brain hole]

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