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When the group pet fell off his horse

When the group pet fell off his horse

When the group pet fell off his horse

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    When the group pet fell off his horse
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    Pomelo peel
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    Wine Novel
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2021-11-30 11:33:10
Anyone who knows Gu Li's name will first think of her standard black hat and black mask some people say that she doesn't learn well at a young age. She is like a paparazzi all day as soon as the top student in the college entrance examination scores, 748, no one can match another person said that she must be ugly with her face covered all day a movie star:? Open your eyes less than a millimeter and look at your little niece's face. You can't catch up with your cosmetic surgery her grades and appearance failed. Someone said: so what? She has a bad character. She has a criminal record NSA representative: Congratulations, you constitute libel, and the arrest warrant has come into force who would have thought Gu Li's backstage could be so hard some people say: Well, bullying others is generally not true Sinochem Group:? Our special hire doesn't have real skills Shihua group: funny. This is the funniest joke I've ever heard International Racing Club: I doubt you're diss me this is already extremely hot on the Internet, but in major organizations, someone has raised the knife long ago a pyrotechnic merchant: Wow, come on, brother will take you to set off fireworks a mathematician: brother Jue, I can help you calculate the mental loss fee. Remember to open it 50-50 a doctor: it's careless. Bring my curse dictionary and let me scold them to death a brother: kill the door and give them face? My little Li, I protect you someone counseled and said weakly: however, there are many people. What can we do? The rich man is the uncle these days, isn't she someone's' little wife ': invite your distant and close relatives to see if you can be killed with paper money?