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The wind from Siberia

The wind from Siberia

The wind from Siberia

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    The wind from Siberia
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    Whisper and day
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    Cook Books
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2021-11-25 02:49:44
Recording is a beautiful thing. It can make people feel a kind of existence. Whenever I read those written words and past photos, a familiar emotion will always breed in my heart, reverie and attachment. In the afternoon, I picked up the group photo of primary school graduation, watched carefully, and tried to identify my position in the crowd, After a while, he found himself in the rightmost corner. He was wearing a blue sailor's suit with short sleeves and frowning. He seemed to be unable to open his eyes by the sun, but he still kept his enthusiasm for taking photos. I carefully touched myself in the photo. Would he be me? What he was thinking about at that time, what he did after taking photos, whether to pick and catch bees in the flowers or to enjoy the cool under the shade of the tree, it was unknown. I picked up the photos of junior high school and senior high school. I felt the same way. People are tied to time and can only remember the important things now and now. The changing experience is an illusion, Eager to have once and in the future, the summer of that season is always so short, and the winter of that year is as long as a dilemma. In the house of my hometown, I am deeply trapped in my memory and can't extricate myself. What happened and didn't happen really exist. I try to record what happened vaguely. They are important to me that I can't express in words.