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Unlimited infrastructure games

Unlimited infrastructure games

Unlimited infrastructure games

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  • Alternative names:

    Unlimited infrastructure games
  • Author:

    Si Ji
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    Health Books
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The world's first holographic infrastructure game was launched to open the internal test competition, and the infrastructure strategy stream players were ecstatic. As an infrastructure game enthusiast, Su Tang, a master of field survival, resolutely signed up to join the game and began a journey of unlimited infrastructure later, the internal test players found that the game was written as "infrastructure" and read as "survival". It's said that a city has a good start, and the resources are full. What about the map? Why should the city Lord fight by himself doomsday wasteland, interstellar wasteland, ancient wilderness, adventurer's tavern, underwater Atlantis, Infinite City, reconstruction of the nether world, God's back garden... Etc. GM, I report someone cheating continue to operate and explore different alternative infrastructure note 1: non mainstream infrastructure, unique player style, and find another way note 2: there are men, slow heat, and main plot

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