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Hidden door dense jade

Hidden door dense jade

Hidden door dense jade

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    Hidden door dense jade
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    Jin Yutang
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    Weixin Book
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2021-12-07 18:30:56
He crossed into an unknown world and became an imperial spy of the emperor of Wei. At that time, Wei, north desert, South Yue and the Three Kingdoms stood side by side, ready to move the emperor asked Cha to murder the king, but the murderer was a close friend for many years? incorrect! With layers of layout, many kinds of framing and going away from home, I'm sure to wash away your grievances, but I didn't expect that all the previous were scams and civil strife swept across the country the emperor asked to go to Beiguan to investigate and deal with spies. The war broke out again and life hung on the line! Go deep into the northern desert King's court. To catch a thief, you must first catch the king. To rescue the prince of northern desert, he is framed. Civil strife in northern desert is inevitable the emperor asked him to go to Nanyue to eliminate the remaining evils. Is it still time to learn and sell now? Help your relatives up, but someone secretly set up a bureau, and Nan Yue's civil strife is imminent Why do you go everywhere let's see how our secret agent can stir up the situation, break the dangerous situation, bring order out of chaos and achieve a legendary story.

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