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Lord Huo, madam still refuses to go home

Lord Huo, madam still refuses to go home

Lord Huo, madam still refuses to go home

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    Lord Huo, madam still refuses to go home
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    Shen lvcocoon
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    Beauty Read
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2022-02-22 07:21:05
Blind, the biological father will dig her liver if you get pregnant unexpectedly, your best friend will take her son five years later, Shen Xi came back strong and hit hard to scare their guts give your child an account by the way Shen Xi: "give me your daughter now!" Lord Holly: "in such a hurry?" he began to take off his coat, elegant, calm and slow Shen Xi: "?" Lord Holly: "don't you want a daughter?... I can." anyone and you can What about the legendary ruthlessness? What about decisiveness? Why are you so cheeky - everyone should cherish the fact that when she was young, she lived in a mountain village and grew up eating a hundred meals, but she didn't know that the people who raised her were big men female devil in the entertainment circle, national treasure writer, inheritor of ancient martial arts, veteran of traditional Chinese medicine, retired champion... "if you want to marry my good daughter / heir / good friend / closed disciple... Don't take care of yourself, do you match?" two Mengbao: "it's a good match. It's a perfect match." the big men were immediately sprouted and turned into gods to help attack biological parents, three brothers, five retired bosses, several nephews and nieces... Together with the most powerful men in Jiangcheng, spoil her and spoil her!