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Mrs. Almighty was spoiled into a little girl

Mrs. Almighty was spoiled into a little girl

Mrs. Almighty was spoiled into a little girl

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    Mrs. Almighty was spoiled into a little girl
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    Strawberry moonlight
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    Redhouse Novel
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2021-12-08 11:44:46
[Shuangjie, sweet pet, Su Shuang fried the sky, full text without abuse] Mu Sheng, the all-round boss, woke up and became the bride who delighted the sick seedlings of the Li family and the 18th tier little star with black material in order to earn some living expenses, Mu Sheng returned to the entertainment industry then, people found that there was something wrong with the 18 tier star in the entertainment industry originally, Mu Sheng, who could only act, sold a lot of works and became the most famous star in history after reaching the top of the film all the way black powder: a bad actor is of no use to the country. What's the use of more films however, she jumped down from the cliff and mountain and became the most valiant world champion in the arena; It has become the legendary master of medicine; He led the National Research Institute to send the spacecraft into space and connect the sea crossing bridge from north to South...... black powder: I can't afford it. Excuse me this has not only earned the living expenses, but also become the second richest man in the world. Mu Sheng is very satisfied it's just that the sick husband of his family seems to be wrong. He is clearly a waste sick son famous in the imperial capital. He has changed into the mysterious richest man in charge of the lifeline of the global economy "haven't you recovered from your illness?" "still a little dizzy." Li Hanchen covered his forehead and accurately fell in the direction of Mu Sheng, "... Li Hanchen, don't think I can't see you acting." Mu Sheng was speechless, contentedly hugged his wife's waist, and Li Hanchen smiled, "marry me, how about giving you the position of the richest man? Plus me." "..... leave the money and don't want it."

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