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Dressed as a sadistic woman, the man cried

Dressed as a sadistic woman, the man cried

Dressed as a sadistic woman, the man cried

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    Dressed as a sadistic woman, the man cried
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    Early and early
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    18ws Read
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2022-01-09 07:57:11
[Shuangjie x Chao a] Su Yan never thought that she would become the female owner of her own novel Su Yan, or an unfinished ancient dog blood abuse article in the novel, the woman and the man are only a family marriage without love, and the man often hurts the woman for the sake of white moonlight - on the day of engagement, the man answered the phone and left when she returned the next day, she put down her cruel words to the hostess, "this engagement doesn't count." because she knew that the plot was too cruel, Su Yan (Yan) decided to change the plot in order not to be abused want to abuse her? Dream ~ she should not only abuse the male Lord, but also make him cry - later, the opposite sex always sent Su Yan home one night, the male leader (Si Han) blocked her at the door. "Su Yan, you have a fiance." Su Yan: "you didn't say that engagement was not enough. Why, you want to hit her face?" Si Han was so angry that he slapped himself when he wanted to kiss her. - at the new book direct broadcast meeting. fans: "it is said that the male leader of this article has a prototype, which is very convenient for disclosure?" Su Yan: "yes, it's the prototype of a dog man." Watching the live broadcast, Si Han, who was about to sign the document, wrote it directly at the dog man ~ - family banquet. Su Yan proposed to the parents of both parties to dissolve the marriage contract, on the grounds that a marriage without love would not be happy. the parents thought Su Yan was right, and unanimously raised their hands in agreement. the frightened man, his eyes red with anger, hugged Su Yan and said in a shaking voice: "I don't agree." everyone looked at Si Han inconceivably because he cried. this article is also known as "President Ba pretends not to love me" and "I turned abusive text into sweet text"

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