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The girl rode a horse

The girl rode a horse

The girl rode a horse

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    The girl rode a horse
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    Don't add wisdom
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    Vchale Novel
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"When the girls of the Xie family are handsome, there will be no men." by chance, the Xie family and the Shen family are neighbors separated by a wall at the first meeting, the two fathers were distracted at the same time, looked at each other's little doll and thought, "if only this child were my family." so the Xie family accepted Shen Liuzhen as a student and the Shen family accepted Xie Yuan as an apprentice three years later, the Xie family offered to marry the Shen family and accept Shen Liuzhen as their son-in-law the Xie family is noble, and father Shen readily agrees. But after he promised, he knew that Xie Yuan, his apprentice who had been carefully trained for many years, was a girl Shen's father was shocked and angry. After scolding Xie's stomach for wrapping zongzi, he began to lament. He couldn't sleep in the middle of the night. He slapped Shen Liuzhen and said angrily: "slacker! Let you learn martial arts well. If you don't learn, people's Xie Yuan family is higher than you, and their fists are better than you, you will only be beaten in the future!" The young Shen Liuzhen rubbed his eyes and said naively, "Dad, a yuan has a good character and won't hit people at will." who knows that many years later, with the sound of "general Xie coming", Shen Liuzhen, who did not change his face, could make Mount Tai collapse in front and pour out his glass he pretended to be calm and wiped away the wine sprinkled on the table. He glanced at the man with his thumb pressed on the saber and said with a smile: "ah yuan is powerful... Shen really didn't do anything."