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The last chaotic world

The last chaotic world

The last chaotic world

Rating: 9 / 10 from 7208 ratings
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    The last chaotic world
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    Surplus fish
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    Redhouse Novel
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2022-08-01 04:33:43
Life is like a play, a play is like life, just like a dream. The author of the novel, Ma dahar, crossed into his own novel. In reality, Ma dahar was tortured by illness, depressed, frustrated and poor. He crossed into the novel, shuangwen blessed and became his heroine Qiao Xiaotao, a generation of empress MA dahar wrote thirty chapters in her novel. Just after she finished thirty chapters, she thought the plot was over. Unexpectedly, the plot turned upside down and thought it over! Originally, she was inspired to do a great career. Because she was addicted to beauty and blue face was a disaster, she became a faint king who made the world's population kill when the country broke down and fled, she was frightened to find that she was not the only author who crossed into her own novel! For a while, the whole world was composed of multiple novels, and multiple plates coexisted. The world was in disorder!

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