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Female match! She doesn t want to

Female match! She doesn t want to

Female match! She doesn t want to

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    Female match! She doesn t want to
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    Shadow snow indifference
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    Light Novel
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2022-08-06 01:33:07
Su Yanxi is practicing in seclusion. Suddenly, an unknown divine power hit her in the heart. Su Yanxi fainted without any precaution. When she woke up again, she looked around blankly. He glanced at his hand and found that there was no blood on his hand. She immediately looked down at her chest, and there was no wound. She looked at the scene in front of her and suddenly thought that she had returned to a retreat before entering the sect. She's back. She couldn't believe it. She touched her intact chest and smiled bitterly. God really wouldn't let her die in her previous life, she thought that her father and family loved her and loved her. Therefore, no matter what she did, she always put the interests of the family first. As a result, immediately after her death, the family thought that she was lost and sent her first sister to the sect. I loved the eldest martial brother and died for him. However, the eldest martial brother used the marrow washing pill he gave him to refine the spiritual root for the female Lord and fly up with the female Lord. Thinking of this, she wanted to slap herself. Fortunately, I returned to the front of the teacher, and everything was still in time when she was reborn for the first time, she understood that any love and family are rubbish, and only practice and flying is the truth. The main road goes forward, I just need to go straight ahead (this article is mainly about the female master's way of cultivating immortality. Therefore, the male master is not considered at present. Of course, it does not rule out the possibility of marrying a good man.)

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