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    Dream memory
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    18ws Read
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He always indulges in amorous fantasies, and she also has a cavity of infatuation but she is not just his, just as he failed to appear in her dream therefore, it is absolutely a last resort she can't cry a tear. She knows that she can't regret the past and can't chase it in the future; He loves her unprepared, but she wants him to forget she smiled and turned away from him, but miss looked at him with her back he is the persistence of her smile and smile, and she is the endless Acacia in his painting she is just the end of the world he lost close by he finally forgot the joys and sorrows that didn't matter to him, but he remembered the burning eyes between her eyebrows and eyes She once closed her eyes and thought of peace, but she was still willing to let him fall into the autumn of her heart She sealed love and hate into stationery and stored the past, but she couldn't forget him their own obsession is that he lost to her and she lost to time perhaps if they miss less, they can grow old and have no starting point many things can only be understood through experience, which will make you unforgettable and feel deeply you can't let go until you hate, and you can't let go until you love.